We empower social media influencers to make a positive impact on society


Kolhero is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social media influencers and charitable causes. With just a few clicks, anyone with a social media account can raise awareness and funds for a cause they care about, and have a real impact on society.


The Kolhero platform gives all creators simple tools to start changing the world at once:


Automatically generated personal page


A choice of several charitable options


Verified charities


Fiat money payments


Cryptocurrency payments


A tax deduction option

There's more to come:


Charity Season and Lootbox

Our users can earn exclusive loot boxes for every $10 they donate or fundraise for charities. These boxes can contain valuable prizes from our partners, unique status rewards, and special gifts from celebrities.

Soulbonds and NFT Achievements

The most active participants in our programs can earn soulbonds and NFT achievements, recognizing their commitment to making a positive impact.

Alternative Donations

You can also support charities by watching advertisements or making purchases through special links on popular e-commerce platforms. We'll donate your rewards to a charitable project on your behalf

How to be a Hero?


Register on the platform and choose from trusted charities who you want to help: victims of disasters, cancer patients, the hungry, or do you want to develop medical research? It's up to you.


Distribute the link to your personal Kolhero page to your followers. The more people who become aware of your initiative, the more you will make a positive difference in the world.


All donations are made through our trusted partners. In some countries, tax deductions and other preferences can be given automatically


Support the Causes That Matter to You

KOLHero's mission is to make doing good easy, rewarding, and impactful by connecting charities, businesses, donors, and influencers on a transparent and secure platform.

For Charities

To reduce marketing costs and increase visibility by leveraging the power of social media influencers to promote campaigns to their followers for free

For Businesses

To safely collaborate with hundreds of thousands of creators and influencers, and expand their reach, generate buzz, and improve their brand reputation

For Donors

To easily discover and donate to verified charities through a secure and transparent platform, and to win valuable rewards through a unique gamification feature that encourages donations and increases engagement

For Influencers

To create more impactful content and make a positive difference in the world by promoting verified charitable campaigns to their followers, and to increase their visibility and attract more followers by being associated with a social cause

Overall, KOLHero aims to create a win-win solution for all stakeholders in the philanthropy ecosystem by making it easier, safer, and more rewarding to do good.

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